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Who are we?
Candidate application   Admission to OSTI is accomplished by a traditional process – a written request, outlining the reasons and motivation for the approach, followed by discussions and an exchange of information. Applications are sent to the MCI or directly to the Grand Commandery.
Requirements for membership   OSTI is open to women and men, and demands no particular knowledge or diploma, title or distinction of any nature whatsoever. It is the aspiration, the sensitivity to the concepts of chivalry and the desire to serve which are taken into account during the process of admission.
Progress   Once the member’s reception has been carried out, progress into the interior of the Order is accomplished through three traditional degrees. One distinct assembly, to which admission is by co-optation, works on the Pythagorean Tradition, its mysteries and its virtues.
Freedom to work   All members are unconstrained within their beliefs and convictions, and equally free, within their OSTI affiliation, to involve themselves in the work at whatever level is appropriate to them.
At any moment a member is absolutely free to renounce their membership without providing any justification.
The search for balance   The Order does not aim for a large number of members – the total membership is limited to 1018 members – but it does aim to unite a body of people who are enlivened by the same desire to be active in the world and to think differently about the mysteries of Being, of Life and of Death.

Or, send this Application form  via email to geral@osti.pt (Portugal) or osti@wanadoo.fr (international headquarters in France).